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How was your weekend?

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Strike up the band!

A Healthy Lifestyle

Opinion versus For & Against Essays

What's wrong with you? - Health problems

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What's your favourite TV programme?

May I lay my body at this hotel? ;)

You're the one I run to

I was born in... in the Past

Happy #ShakespeareSunday

Happy 2017 Easter holidays (or vacations)

Don't fear failure

2º BAC lets the wheel decide too

Let the Wheel Decide - Revising vocabulary (1º & 4º ESO)

ESL Recycling

Otero Pedrayo students come and enjoy the

The world of crime

The Comparative Form

Happy Saint Patrick's Day 2017!

Saving our Planet

She said she would - Reported Speech

1º ESO - Project Work

It's Women's Day

Heading toward March, 8

Let's talk about Food and Drinks

From Active to Passive Voice

Linking Words

Irregulars Symbaloo

Otero Students' English Blogs

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Best Videos Ever?

My Presentations

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